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Battlefield 4 Players Are Pulling Off Crazy Stunts In Multiplayer

by Mike Trinh on Nov 11, 2013 at 09:51 AM

One of the features that has made multiplayer in the Battlefield series stand out is the freedom that the games give to players. Some players take advantage of this freedom by trying to perform some fun and insane stunts. Here are some of the best feats that Battlefield 4 players have accomplished so far.

Grand Theft Helo

In this first video, by YouTube user TwozCompany, Battlefield 4's odd vehicle gravity is exploited as the player takes out a helicopter pilot from a building and then hops into the same helicopter before it hits the ground. James Bond would be proud.

Jumping The Jet

The ability to shoot while in freefall has created many rocket launcher moments in the air, but this one is probably the best. PonyLionHD somehow manages to eject from a moving jet, shoot a rocket at an AC-130, and then fall back into his own jet. That's how physics works right? The stunt starts at 0:28.


Unlike the last jet pilot, this one barely misses his target and pays dearly for it. When Shadowzack sees a jet barreling down at him, he manages to stick C4 charges on his would-be killer. Let this be a lesson to those who try to sacrifice their team's vehicles for kills.

It's Raining Men

This last video from The Sentinel, Hazardcinema, and Mashed8 is more fun than shocking. They rounded up 64 players for the sole purpose of jumping off of a skyscraper in unison. The only thing more beautiful than the dozens of parachutes opening is the fact that 64 people managed to not troll each other for more than 10 seconds.

What are the craziest stunts that you've pulled off so far in Battlefield 4? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to read GI's review of the game.