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Customer Receives Xbox One Early, Details Update And Game Installation Sizes

by Mike Futter on Nov 10, 2013 at 04:12 AM

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Update #4: Microsoft has lifted the restriction on Moonlight Swami's YouTube video. If you want to see him unbox the retail Xbox One, you can do that now.

Update #3: Microsoft has responded to our request for comment. “Due to a retail partner’s system issue, a very small number of Xbox One consoles were shipped to consumers before the Nov. 22 street date," a representative told Game Informer. "We’re pleased to see the initial response to Xbox One has been so positive, but given we are still putting the finishing touches on our games, UI and online services, as well as confidential partner and media agreements, these console units will be restricted from connecting to Xbox Live until closer to our launch date.” Microsoft did not comment on the YouTube video or the strike on MoonlightSwami's account. We have followed up with a request for information on this matter.


Update #2: Microsoft's Larry Hryb has taken to NeoGAF (identity confirmed to Game Informer by Microsoft) to address the matter. "I reached out to him and I'll get this sorted out. His console will not be permabanned that is for sure," he writes. We're still waiting on a statement from Microsoft about the YouTube matter, but we can confirm that the console ban will be lifted.


Update #1: While we're waiting for comment from Microsoft, it seems that there is early confirmation that MoonlightSwami won't be locked out forever. Microsoft's Larry Hryb has tweeted about the matter, assuring everyone that the ban is not permanent.


Original Story:

Last night, social media was ablaze with pictures and video of one user’s early Xbox One. The item was reportedly shipped early from Target by accident.

The user, who goes by “MoonlightSwami” on Twitter shared the following picture as proof that the console is in-hand. He also posted a number of Gamerpic images, a picture of the power brick (which he claims was not warm at all after three hours), and a side-by-side of the controller against the Xbox 360’s.

He also shared the update size (500 MB) and installation sizes for a number of games. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag - 20 GB
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts - 39 GB
  • Just Dance 4 - 22 GB
  • Skylanders Swap Force - 15 GB*
  • LocoCycle - 13 GB
  • Dead Rising 3 - 19 GB**
  • FIFA 14 - 8 GB
  • NBA 2K14 - 43 GB
  • NBA Live 14 - 9 GB
  • Madden NFL 25 - 12 GB

*It’s unclear why Skylanders is in the Games Store, as it requires a Portal of Power to work. We’re following up with Activision.

** Labeled with “Xbox SmartGlass available”

Unfortunately, MoonlightSwami’s Xbox One is now banned. Though that may be a result of a pre-launch “white list” protocol that only enables approved boxes to stay connected to Xbox Live. This is different than a normal “black list” process which requires active blocking of consoles. 

Additionally, MoonlightSwami posted an unboxing video to YouTube. This has been removed at the request of Microsoft and his account received a copyright “strike,” which impacts the way users can monetize videos. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to find out more about both of these, whether the company uses a copyright policing service for YouTube, and how they will be handling this situation.

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Our Take
The ban and the strike are unfortunate, but until Microsoft responds, we don’t know exactly what’s going on. I suspect the ban will be lifted on or before November 22 when the authorization protocol changes from white-listing to open access. 

As for the strike, big corporations employ companies to aggressively police YouTube. Many of them shoot first and ask questions later, and the removal of the video and the strike can easily be reversed once Microsoft catches up to what’s happened. Before assuming that the company is acting in a sinister fashion, I suggest holding judgement until a comment is made.