DuckTales: Remastered Gets A Patch, Retail Disc Version On The Way

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 09, 2013 at 12:58 PM

If you've got a copy of DuckTales: Remastered downloaded, it was recently patched to address a number of issues. If you were waiting for a retail disc version to release to play the game, it will be available on Tuesday.

The game will be available to purchase with a disc in a box on November 12 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. There was a retail version that released for PlayStation 3 the same day the game was made available as a downloadable title on PSN, but that version was just a box with a code.

As far as the patch goes, crashing and stability issues should be remedied, the pogo jumping has been tweaked slightly, and there is now a way to skip cut scenes. You can find the full list of patch notes on Capcom's Unity site.

[Source: Capcom]

Our Take
I'm a little surprised to see the game coming to retail, but I am definitely not disappointed. I still like having a box and a disc for my games, personally.