Hearthstone Goes Into Open Beta Next Month

by Mike Futter on Nov 08, 2013 at 07:48 AM

Rob Pardo, Blizzard chief creative officer, took the stage at BlizzCon to talk extensively about Hearthstone, the Warcraft card game. The title marks a number of firsts for the developer, and it will be going into open beta next month.

Hearthstone represents Blizzard’s first free-to-play game, its first tablet title, and the first game in a long time they’ve announced and delivered to the public in the same year. We learned today that the title will also be coming to iPhone and Android in the second half of next year.

Those that are attending BlizzCon (either in-person or virtually) will get a unique Hearthstone card, the Elite Tauran Chieftain. Not only is he powerful, but he’s designed with unique animations that befit a rock-and-roll warrior.

Additionally, rare golden cards will be making their way to the heroes, too. Those are in development, and they’ll also have unique animations.