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Minesweeper MMO Allows Players To Sweep An Endless Mine-Filled World With Friends

by Mike Trinh on Nov 06, 2013 at 07:01 AM

Anyone who's ever owned a Windows PC, has probably played or attempted to play Minesweeper. The game comes standard with nearly every Windows operating system. Now, Minefield has brought the classic game into the modern age, complete with open-world multiplayer, player profiles and chat functions.

The browser-based game features a leaderboard, with points awarded for sweeping mines and deducted for accidentally hitting them. Mistakes are forever etched into the map.

Minefield also allows players to customize their flags and cursors. The game, created by Ukrainian developers Serge Borbit and George Miroshnykov, already boasts more than 86 million cells cleared and 18 million mines marked.

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Go to the Minefield website to begin saving the world from the vast legion of evil mines, or to distract yourself from doing work.