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Settlement Checks From Madden And NCAA Monopoly Suit Arriving Now

by Mike Futter on Nov 05, 2013 at 12:44 PM

In 2012, we reported that the class action suit against EA over a monopoly related to Madden, NCAA, and AFL-branded football titles had been settled with a compensation plan put in place. That settlement proposal was later revised, with consumers eligible for up to $162.92 for last-generation titles, and $46.80 for those on Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Those checks are starting to arrive. Reader Ryan Saxon reached out to us to let us know he had received his settlement check in the mail. He tells us that the $128.28 is in response to a claim for four last-gen titles and eight current-gen games.

If you filed a claim as part of the Pecover v Electronic Arts settlement, check your mailbox. You’re about to be a little wealthier.


Our Take
Class action suits aren’t always the right way to go (or successful), and they can take a long time to come to a close. This suit was predicated on a monopoly deal with the NFL and other associations causing game prices to rise. Whether that is accurate or not no longer matters. Saxon and other gamers are about to have a little more money for their troubles, and with next-gen starting next week, the timing couldn’t be better.