God Of War: Ascension Director Leaves Sony Santa Monica

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 03, 2013 at 08:02 AM

Todd Papy, the man in charge on God of War: Ascension, announced yesterday his departure from Sony Santa Monica.

In a tweet, Papy announced that he had left Sony Santa Monica offering thanks for the opportunity to have been involved.

In follow up tweets, Papy assured that he was not leaving video games behind, and said that he has relocated to Germany. Currently the bio on his twitter account reads, "On to the next great adventure."

Papy was the fourth God of War director in as many God of War console releases. David Jaffe directed the first, Cory Barlog directed the second, and Stig Asmussen directed the third. Last month, the God of War: Ascension team announced that it was moving onto "other projects".

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[Source: @ToddPapy, via Polygon]

Our Take
The God of War series has maintained a fairly consistent level of quality throughout the years, but Sony Santa Monica does seem to have a problem with leadership turnover. I imagine directing a game on the scale of God of War has to be a pretty all-consuming, draining experience, which might explain why Jaffe, Barlog, Asmussen, and now Papy all decided to move onto different things following their work with Kratos.