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Weekend Warrior 11/1/2013

by Katie Seville on Nov 01, 2013 at 02:00 PM

Tomorrow, the Game Informer editors and interns will be participating in Extra Life, an annual gaming marathon that raises money for children's hospitals. Check out Channel 5 News' interview with Ben Reeves and Tim Turi to learn more, and be sure to tune in to our livestream. You can take join the GI Extra Life team here. Some of us are also trying to squeeze some other activities in this weekend.

Jeff Marchiafava: The rush to play every great game before the end of the year has begun, and I’ve got a long way to the finish line. This weekend I’ll be finishing up Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons,  then diving into Blood Dragon. I also plan to put a little time into the new Sly Cooper, and hopefully try out a little more GTA Online. At least I’ll have plenty of leftover Halloween candy to keep me up all night!

Mike Futter: This Saturday is Extra Life, which means 25 hours of pure gaming. I’ll be returning to Gotham City to continue my hunt for Black Mask. I also intend on firing up my new laptop and playing some PC games. I’ve been itching for some strategy, which means I expect to play some Civilization V, Might and Magic Heroes VI, and maybe some Dawn of War II. Any other suggestions for PC strategy games? Send them my way!

Ben Hanson: This weekend I'm hoping to finish off Beyond. I've been watching my girlfriend play through it and we only have a couple of hours left. I've never finished a Quantic Dream game and, despite incredibly clumsy gameplay design, I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying Beyond: Two Souls. Other than that, I'm going to start playing Batman: Arkham Origins on my PS3. I've been very curious about how that game turned out, it was an interesting cover story trip and I enjoyed getting to know the new team up in Montreal. Have a good weekend!

Mike Trinh: This weekend, I will spend some time (not sure how much) at the Game Informer Extra Life Marathon. I’ll also play as much Pokemon as possible, but it might be hard to find time for that this week.

Isaac Perry: This weekend I'll be joining the editors and interns in the Extra Life marathon. If I'm not sick of playing video games (who am I kidding), I will continue Gone Home. I know it's not necessarily a scary game, but I'm terrified when I play it...

Katie Seville: I'll be helping out (and by helping out I mean playing video games) the other interns and the GI editors in the Extra Life gaming marathon tomorrow. I'm looking forward to playing some multiplayer games generally having a blast. Every second not spent holding a controller will be spent holding my 3DS, so I can play more Pokémon. I also downloaded Telltale's The Walking Dead, so I'll start that on Sunday if I have time.

Kyle Hilliard: I'll be stopping by the marathon at some point to say "Hello", but otherwise I will be Batman-ing and Assassin's Creed-ing. I got big plans basically.

Tim Turi: This is the weekend of the Extra Life 2013 marathon. That means we’ll be playing games nonstop from 9am central on Saturday to 9am central on Sunday. I plan to play some GTA Online, Batman: Arkham Origins, and finally get my hands on Banjo Tooie. I may also crack into Dead Space 3 and Beyond: Two Souls co-op with some friends at some point. There will be many, many games played.