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Stunning Wooden Replica Of Majora's Mask

by Katie Seville on Nov 01, 2013 at 08:17 AM

Artist Mario Mayer is the creator of the amazing Majora's Mask replica above. The product of three months of painstaking work, this is the most impressive and realistic recreation of the infamous mask I've ever seen.

The mask is made almost entirely of wood. Mayer created the heart-shaped base from a block of solid wood using a chainsaw and an angle grinder. The eyes and spikes are wooden as well, with the later shaped by a friend using a lathe. Mayer has even weathered the mask and attached a metal frame to the back, further enhancing its realism.

Click image to enlarge.

Click image to enlarge.

Visit the project's Facebook page for more pictures and videos chronicling the mask's development, and check out Mayer's deviantART profile for more pictures of it and his other art. For even more spooky masks, see our countdown of the Top 10 Creepiest Masks In Video Games.

[Source: Mario Mayer on Facebook]