Reader Discussion: How Do You Decide Where To Play Your Multiplatform Titles?

by Mike Futter on Oct 30, 2013 at 11:30 AM

This morning, we asked you how you feel about third-party exclusives. Sure, everyone knows that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are going to publish games you can’t play elsewhere. Titanfall’s “life of the title” exclusivity caught some people off guard, though.

Here is a sample of your responses:

I think 3rd party exclusives are needed. It helps drive competition between consoles/companies. Yes gamers who can't afford all the systems may lose out on a few games, but having every game made for every platform requires a lot of work from a developer standpoint. Just like 1st party exclusives, I believe 3rd party exclusives do play a needed role. - Zachary Pligge

I think overall having exclusive 3rd party games is not something I like just because it can prevent people from playing some really good games. If a company pays for the exclusivity I can understand why developers would take the "sure" money compared to risking the game failing in the market. - Refle18

I don't really care either way, although it's a shame I won't be able to play Titanfall on my PS4. I'm sure I will have plenty of great games to play, if not even better than Titanfall. - Mike Presler

I love em if they are for the system I have. - sscroggin

Exclusives gives a console/handheld worth and special value.... Exclusives are a good thing. If someone feels jealously for not buying that console/handheld because of the exclusive they want, then that's sad. - Warrior

Third party titles make choosing between consoles easier so they're not absolutely horrible, but even with first-party exclusives, I wish I could just buy a system and play them all. - Spartacus

Sometimes I wish I had the other console for an exclusive or two, but then I realize that it is not that big of a deal and that there is still a chance I will be able to play it at some point. - Tombot7

Of course, most third-party titles are multiplatform. If you have more than one eligible platform, you have a decision to make. Where do you play most of your multi-platform games, and what factors influence your decision? 

Do you enjoy all of your multiplayer gaming in one place? Do you simply hate having games with multiple discs? Do you switch up depending on which friends are playing a given title? Let us know in the comments!