Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold 29 Million Copies

by Joe Juba on Oct 29, 2013 at 10:28 AM

We knew that GTA V had a great opening day and was the top seller for the month of September. Now, Take Two has revealed a more specific number of units sold: 29 million.

According to a press release detailing the financials, those outstanding sales bolstered Take Two's quarterly results, bringing second-quarter (July through September) net revenue to $1.27 billion. 

It's noteworthy that GTA V hit sales like that in a little over a month, while its predecessor took years to move 25 million units – a good sign for months and years ahead. The press release also reaffirms the fact that the company still considers GTA V and GTA Online to be separate products, describing the latter as "the dynamic and persistent online game, which is free with every copy of Grand Theft Auto V."


Our Take
I can't say that I'm surprised that the game sold so well, but I am surprised that it only took a little over a month to eclipse the lifetime sales of Grand Theft Auto IV. If anyone thought that the popularity (and profitability) of this series has waned over time, they were just proven wrong.