"Ultimetal" Optimus Prime Figure Will Cost Transformer Diehards About $800

by Mike Trinh on Oct 28, 2013 at 08:50 AM

At Game Informer, we're big fans of High Moon's Transformer series as well as the televisions shows and comics. So we can't help but spotlight this incredibly detailed Optimus Prime figure from Takara Tomy and Action Toys. The figure of the leader of the Autobots can be purchased for a low price of ¥78,000, roughly equal to $800 in the U.S., but comes with many features.

The figure contains multiple metal parts, light and sound functions that can be activated by a remote control, and numerous movable joints that allows for different poses. It has completely removable armor that reveal the inner mechanics of Optimus, including the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. The figure also comes with the his Energon ax and blaster, which can be disassembled as well.

The Optimus Prime figure is expected to release in 2014. Check out more pictures below.

[Source: Seibertron via Tomopop]