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New Xbox Live Terms Of Use Ask Users To Keep Contact Information Current

by Mike Futter on Oct 28, 2013 at 04:46 PM

Microsoft will be rolling out news Xbox Live terms of use in the coming days. Every time a change is made to the Xbox Live service, users must accept the new terms of use in order to continue accessing content. An upcoming change will further put the onus of security on end users.

In addition to streamlining acceptance of the terms for minors, the new legal agreement will ask users to commit to keeping contact information current. According to Microsoft, this helps protect users’ accounts from fraud.

Additionally, the new terms of use will ask users to agree to information sharing between Microsoft and third-party content providers like Netflix. Since a number of services can be access through Xbox Live, Microsoft is requesting that users authorize the sharing of key data, including email address and date of birth.

This information will be used to match up against the data on file with third-parties to ensure that access is appropriate and not fraudulent. Microsoft advices that users ensure they have complete access to their accounts now and that all security proofs, like phone numbers and alternate email addresses, are current.

[Source: Xbox Wire]


Our Take
It would be very easy for Microsoft to simply require users to accept the new terms of use. Most would likely not read them in a rush to get on with other things. This heads-up is a smart measure, as it sends a positive message to consumers, helps reduce the number of lock-out calls, and covers the company’s rear end when an angry customer inevitably can’t access his/her Xbox Live account.