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Weekend Warrior 10/25/13

by Mike Trinh on Oct 25, 2013 at 02:00 PM

Most of Game Informer’s editors will be busy making their way through the Kalos region in Pokémon X & Y this weekend. Some might also visit Gotham City and Los Santos before Monday.

Tim Turi: This weekend is all about Pokémon and catching up with some Top 50 Games of the Year contenders. The action starts off with Rayman Legends and Lego City Undercover on Wii U this evening. I’m also one gym and a fight with the Elite Four away from beating Pokémon X. In addition I hope to begin Beyond: Two Souls and continue my co-op adventure with Kim through Dead Space 3.

Jeff Marchiafava: This week I plan to catch up on some downloadable titles. I still haven’t played the first episode of Wolf Among Us, and I want to start Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I’m also hoping to put some more time into the new Star Wars Pinball tables, and cause some more havoc in GTA Online.

Ben Hanson: I have been playing too much Pokémon lately, so this weekend I'm going to spend some more time playing Pokémon. The next step is to face the Elite Four. I've found the game to be ridiculously easy so far, so I'm hoping they put up a good fight. Needless to say, I love the game. Outside of that, I might start Batman: Arkham Origins or continue Lego Marvel. Have a good weekend!

Kyle Hilliard: Pokémon keeps pulling me back in for random reasons, so I will probably continue to play that a bit. Otherwise, I really want to finish Grand Theft Auto V before tackling Batman, and I am enjoying my time with Wind Waker HD. I got the swift sail recently which has given me a lot more motivation to keep re-playing the game.

Katie Seville: I’ll be playing more Pokémon, especially now that I’ve finished manipulating my team’s natures and stats. I may have time for some BioShock Infinite this weekend as well, but Saturday is reserved for working on my Halloween costume.

Isaac Perry: I’m working on my Halloween costume. I won’t have much time this weekend, but if I find myself with an opportunity I will continue my quest into DMC. I would also like to add that DMC is awesome.

Mike Trinh: After spending too much time this week Super Training my Pokemon team and maxing out EVs, I can finally progress in the game. I’m hoping to at least get to the fourth gym before the end of the weekend. Any spare time will probably be spent playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on PC.

What are you guys doing this weekend? Let us know in the comments.