Link Cosplays Doctor Who In This Here Today, Gone Tomorrow T-Shirt Design

by Andrew Reiner on Oct 25, 2013 at 05:04 AM

TeeFury is a website that specializes in daily t-shirt designs. Each design is only offered for 24 hours (starting at 12 AM ET), and they're always just $11. I highly recommend you bookmark TeeFury's site, as almost every one of their shirts is of the geek culture variety. Also, check out Day of the Shirt for a roundup of all of the daily t-shirt sites.

Today's design mashes up two universes I would never expect to see together, yet it works if you picture Link emerging from the Tardis when switching between light and dark worlds. The Triforce on the top of the Tardis is a nice touch. What other t-shirt mashups would you like to see?