Destiny Of Spirits Beta Codes Going Out Now

by Mike Futter on Oct 24, 2013 at 01:32 PM

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, check your email. You might have an invitation to join Sony's beta test for free-to-play Vita title Destiny of Spirits.

As we previously reported, Destiny of Spirits uses a player's location to team players up. Different spirits can be rented, and those owned by a player can be combined to increase their power.

You can read more about the title here. The beta test runs through October 31, 2013.


Our Take
Destiny of Spirits has potential, but that success hinges on how heavily it leans on in-app payments. Anyone playing a free game understands that at some point they are likely to have to pay up, deal with slow progress, or stop playing. Where that line is makes all the difference.