The Stanley Parable Is Coming To Mac

by Kyle Hilliard on Oct 20, 2013 at 07:40 AM

Currently, The Stanley Parable is only available on PC, but the game's creator, Davey Wreden, says a mac version should be ready to go soon.

In an e-mail from Wredon, he wasn't able to provide a release date or window for when the Mac version of the game would be available, but he says that he is working on it now and he's hoping it will ready soon.

I would offer to tell you more about The Stanley Parable, but my understanding is that it's best to go into the game completely blind. If you 'd like to know more, however, check out our recent Test Chamber for the game.


Our Take
I imagine some consumers – not myself, of course – but some consumers probably bought the game on Steam ignoring the game's compatibility description assuming it was also available for Mac. I can't imagine who would do that, but I definitely wouldn't do something like that, especially not last night when I bought the game to play on my MacBook.