Win Prizes Watching Our 25-Hour Extra-Life Gaming Marathon

by Tim Turi on Oct 18, 2013 at 02:00 PM

Last year Game Informer and its community of dedicated gamers raised over $10,000 for Gillette Children's Specialty Care through Extra Life. Gillette is one hospital among the many being supported by the charity gaming marathons organized via Extra Life. This year we're aiming to raise $15,000. Folks are invited to donate any time, but to add a little extra incentive, the Game Informer crew will be livestreaming the games we're playing and giving away prizes.

Expect to watch us play current hits like Grand Theft Auto V and Batman: Arkham Origins, along with random throwbacks like Banjo-Tooie and Super Mario 64. The Game Informer staff confirmed to be participating in the marathon are Ben Reeves, Kim Wallace, myself, along with cameos from others. We'll also be allowing viewers to choose what games we livestream via donation. A host of prizes are being provided by companies including Irrational Games, Double Fine, Ubisoft, and more. 

Be sure to tune in to Game Informer's Twitch page or visit on November 2 at 9:00 am (central time) when the fun begins. For those wondering where the extra hour comes from, it's Daylight Savings Time. An extra hour for games, hijinks like our ridiculously stupid GoldenEye multiplayer match, and helping children. 

In addition to watching the Game Informer's Extra Life 2013 livestream and donating, you can also sign up for Team Game Informer Online and join us by raising money for a marathon of your own. We recommend recruiting some friends, spreading the word through social media, and playing along with us in spirit on November 2. For more information on how to get involved in Team GIO, check out this blog post. We've already raised over $5,000 as of this post, but we'll simply raise our goal if and when we end up meeting the $15,000 mark.

It's going to be a blast, and for a good cause. We hope you'll join us on November 2.