Massive Damage! PlayStation 4 Will Cost $1850 In Brazil

by Matt Helgeson on Oct 17, 2013 at 02:31 PM

And you thought $599 U.S. dollars was a lot.

A post on the Brazilian PlayStation Blog announced the price of Sony's new console in the country, and it's a whopper. The PS4 will retail for $3999 Real (the official currecy of Brazil), which translates to around $1850 U.S. dollars (give or take based on the fluctuations of the exchange rate).

Hope gamers in Brazil have been saving their pennies. If not, they can always go buy Microsoft's "affordable" Xbox One, which will only set them back $2,200 Real, or $1000.

[Source: PlayStation Blog Brazil via Destructoid]

Our Take:
Gaming in Brazil is expensive! I don't know much about world currency markets, but I cannot imagine a game console in the world that is worth nearly $2000, or even $1000. I'm sure they have PCs in Brazil; that sounds like a better plan to me.