EA And DICE Share Learnings From Battlefield 4 Beta

by Mike Futter on Oct 16, 2013 at 09:10 AM

Battlefield 4 is set to release in under two weeks, and the beta began early this month. It's hard to understand how anything could possibly be implemented from a testing period so close to launch, so EA and DICE have decided to share exactly what they've fixed as a result of the beta.

In a blog post, DICE's global community manager for Battlefield Vincent Vukovic explains at length. The things that will be fixed following the beta include:

  • Improved frame rate on a reduced CPU usage on PC
  • More controller layouts on consoles
  • Eliminating empty server listings
  • A bug that caused an elevator to catapult players
  • Balancing fixes
  • Vehicle changes including a change to way certain weapons impact armor and infantry
  • A tweak to aim assist on Xbox 360 and PS3

There is a complete list and full detail on the Battlefield Blog. You can also read a recent preview of Battlefield 4.

[Source: DICE]


Our Take
I have been skeptical of a testing phase so close to launch. Given the magnitude of changes though, it seems that players are in for a hefty day-one title update.  My fingers are crossed that Battlefield players have a much easier launch with the upcoming title than they did with Battlefield 3. The first days of that game were far messier than they should have been.