Stardock Announces Galactic Civilizations III

by Matt Helgeson on Oct 15, 2013 at 06:19 AM

Stardock has announced a new chapter in its acclaimed 4X strategy game.

The game will be coming exclusively to "64-bit PCs" and will add deep levels of strategy and multiplayer to the experience - a first in series' history.

The game will also feature a brand-new ship builder that puts nearly every element of starship design in players' hands."

Stardock has also released an announcement trailer for the game.

Our Take:
This is good news for 4X fans. Galactic Civilizations III has a great reputation in the sub-genre, and Stardock looks to be expanding it in smart ways, including multiplayer. I'll also be rooting for this game because former GI PC editor Adam Biessener is now working for Stardock.