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Indie Darling 8BitMMO Reaches Funding Goal

by Ben Reeves on Oct 14, 2013 at 02:24 PM

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MMOs just keep looking better and better, but 8BitMMO is a massively multiplayer game that is a throwback to the kinds of games you played when you were little – if you were little in the '80s. No offense if you were a big kid.

8BitMMO is a free online MMO that will lets players construct the world they inhabit. Players will be able to build solo, or in groups. Thankfully, a grief protection system guards the original player's creations from unwanted interference. Archive Entertainment is still working on 8BitMMO but the titles is currently playable on the project's website. Over 75,000 registered players have already starting building the game's world. Archive Entertainment has already achieved its personal fundraising goal, but is hoping to raise another $600 dollars to port the game to Mac platforms. Check out the trailer below.


Our Take
I love how the indie game scene is taking off and I love seeing little games like this reach their funding goals. 8BitMMO looks like an interesting project and might appeal to fans of Minecraft. Go check it out.