Double Fine Announces Day Of The Dev Festival

by Ben Reeves on Oct 10, 2013 at 06:00 AM

Looking to get your hands on Double Fine's upcoming adventure game Broken Age and hang out with other independent developers from studios like Super Giant, Gaijin, and Honeyslug? Then you should check out the studio's upcoming fan event this November.

Double Fine is teaming up with Iam8bit, for a one day event that will allow fans the chance to play the studio's new Broken Age as well as a currently unnaounced project. Studios like Supergiant Games, Capy Games, Gaijin Games, SpyParty, Honeyslug, and Tribute Games will also be on hand to show off their titles. And apparently, Fez creator Phil Fish will be on hand to DJ the party (we're not kidding, and we hope they aren't either). If you'd like to attend this shindig, the event will take place at Public Works in San Francisco on November 2 and you can find out more details on the official website.


Our Take
This sounds like a pretty sweet party, we just wish we'd been given a little more warning to pick out an appropriate outfit. We're eager to get more hands-on time with Broken Age, so maybe we'll have to sneak into the party and check out all those games. If you're in San Francisco on November 2, we recommend you check this out.