November Cover Revealed – The Order: 1886

by Matt Miller on Oct 08, 2013 at 06:00 AM

Gamers got their first glimpse of The Order: 1886 at E3 2013, when a brief and enigmatic trailer showed off a squad of soldiers in 19th century London fighting off an attacking pack of strange creatures. Ready At Dawn, best known for its PSP God of War and Daxter games, has remained silent about the new game in the months since. With our November issue, we blow out the full story on The Order, one of Sony’s big franchise premieres and exclusive PS4 titles for 2014.

The Order: 1886 offers a fascinating glimpse into a past twisted by strange events that alter the course of history. Players step into the shoes of a knight who is part of an ancient order sworn to protect humanity from the threat of monstrous half-breed creatures. Ready At Dawn's fascinating fiction for its new franchise draws inspiration from ancient mythology and legend combined with actual historical figures; the result is a story we can’t wait to experience in full. This fiction is buttressed by an action-packed shooting mechanic fueled by awesome and unusual weapons, like a rifle that can spew blasts of lightning. The Order’s incredible visuals and technology speak to what we can all look forward to in the games designed from the ground up to run on next-gen hardware like the PS4. 

Check out our cover for The Order: 1886 below. The issue features 12 pages of exclusive screenshots and info about this promising new game franchise.

In addition to our world-exclusive look at The Order: 1886, we have an in-depth guide for gamers still trying to make up their mind between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, a look at Valve’s big Steam OS news, and our impressions of this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Plus, a cautionary tale about the dangers of for-profit video game design schools. 

You can also look forward to our feature-length dive into the pirate life in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and new previews of Batman: Arkham Origins and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. We also explore the opening salvo of PlayStation 4 indie games. 

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