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Xbox One Will Record Video Of All Your Achievements

by Mike Futter on Oct 07, 2013 at 04:37 AM

We've known that the Xbox One will record five minutes of video in the buffer on a rolling basis. Over the weekend, a new feature came to light, giving players access to video of all of their achievements.

The news comes via an interview conducted by Youtuber Champ Chong at the EB Games Expo in Australia. According to a member of the Xbox One team, any time you unlock an achievement, it'll be saved for later viewing and sharing.

You can also use a simple voice command ("Xbox record that") to save a clip and edit with the upload studio. In about six weeks, we'll be able to try this out for ourselves.  

[Source: ChampChong via Kotaku]


Our Take
These videos are likely going to be most useful for video guides for those tough-to-get achievements. It's a neat feature, and as more of these little things trickle out about the Xbox One user experience, I get more and more excited for the potential of next-gen console gaming.