Rockstar Hoping To Release GTA Online Fix Tomorrow

by Mike Futter on Oct 03, 2013 at 01:48 PM

Rockstar has informed us that a fix for Grand Theft Auto Online is currently in the works. More importantly, the developer hopes to release the patch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as early as tomorrow.

The title update aims to address "commonly reported issues with Grand Theft Auto Online." If that means that players will be able to get in, get through the tutorial, and hang onto their hard-stolen cash, cars, and cribs, then there will be a lot of happy gamers tomorrow.

The issues are more than just the first tutorial race (though Rockstar suggests a complicated workaround that has managed to get some players in the game). Here's the current list: 

  • "Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable" error message
  • "Failed to Host a GTA Online Session" error messages
  • Errors saying "Timed out when matchmaking for a compatible GTA Online Session to join"
  • Errors about jobs failing to start or load
  • Misc. network and server-related error messages, disconnections, or cloud server errors
  • Errors saying "Mission Failed" as soon as the mission begins during a session
  • Long matchmaking load screens, eventually timing out after 10-15 minutes
  • Offline (disc-based) and online content mixing on the Jobs list
  • Ending up in a free-roam session with no jobs/markers on the map while playing as a temporary character during a cloud outage

We'll keep you updated tomorrow as we learn more.


Our Take
There are a lot of unhappy people right now wishing they were roaming the streets of Los Santos. Hopefully by this time tomorrow, that's exactly what they'll be doing. Here's hoping that somewhere down the line scalable solutions (like Microsoft's cloud) make launches a lot smoother across the board.