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Costume Ideas For Gamers This Halloween

by Mike Trinh on Oct 03, 2013 at 10:13 AM

Looking to dress up as a video game character for Halloween this year? Don’t want to spend the time and effort to make a costume worthy of cosplay events? Well, the internet is here to make it easy to show your gaming pride this year.

Minecraft fans who want to save money can buy a Creeper cardboard head. Put on a green shirt and green pants to complete the outfit. If you’d rather not explode and destroy the side of a house that someone’s put their heart into building, then get the Steve head instead. Top it off with a teal shirt and blue jeans and you’re all done.

If you really want to freak people out, purchase a Slender Man costume. The suit is very form fitting, which might be uncomfortable for some, so wearing a regular black suit with the mask is always an option. The product description says that you can see, eat, and drink through the mask. Just make sure you’re always standing behind someone when they turn around.

Parents who are trick-or-treating with their kids can get them a deluxe costume from the wildly popular Skylanders series. The Crusher and Jet Vac costumes cost less than $40 and they look pretty detailed. Activision would probably agree that you haven’t already spent enough money on the Skylanders franchise.

For those willing to spend the money, has a detailed Conner from Assassin’s Creed III costume for about $120. A wrist blade will cost another $40, and you’ll need to supply your own blue pants and shoes. But it is completely worth it to put the hurt on some Templars. There’s also a women’s Ezio costume for female fans.

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite has been a popular cosplay character this year, and demand for her outfit is understandably high. Female gamers who want to dress up as one of the best female characters in recent memory can purchase this costume for $190. Of course, no citizen of Columbia should ever leave the house without a skyhook.

Feel free to write in the comments below if you have your own costume ideas for Halloween this year.