The Brutal Tribe Expansion Out Now For Warhammer Quest

by Mike Futter on Oct 02, 2013 at 07:42 AM

Board games and mobile devices are a perfect fit. We reviewed Rodeo Games' Warhammer Quest back in June, and while it has some problems inherent in the source material, it's an enjoyable experience. Now, players can expand their armies and arsenals with The Brutal Tribe update and additional hero and weapon packs.

The Brutal Tribe sends players to fire caverns to fight Savage Orcs, Stone Trolls, and Black Orcs. The battles will be tough, but players can enlist the help of three new hero classes through a separate in-app purchase. 

A new hero pack unlocks the Shadow Warrior, the Bright Wizard, and the Ogre Irongut. There are also new legendary weapons. All owners of the base game will get an increased level cap (now topping out at level eight) and new items, armor, and weapons.

The Brutal Tribe expansion costs $4.99, the heroes each cost $2.99, and the legendary items are $.99 each. Purchasing everything will run you $18.91 plus tax. 


Our Take
My iPad is one of my favorite board-gaming accessories. When games like Warhammer Quest get expansions, it puts a smile on my face. As a tabletop board gamer, I typically spend $40 - $70 on base games and $20 - $40 on expansions (it's not an inexpensive hobby). 

For less than $20, Rodeo Games is delivering digital content that would cost players at least that much (possibly significantly more) if it were in a box. For board gamers, playing digitally is a bargain.