Bethesda Opens Business Office In Australia

by Mike Futter on Oct 02, 2013 at 12:03 PM

Bethesda has announced today the opening of a new business office Sydney, Australia. The new location will handle sales, marketing, and distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

The office will be led by Simon Alty, formerly managing director of games marketing firm One to Another Pty Ltd. One to Another worked with Bethesda on a number of prior launches, including Skyrim.


Our Take
Australia is an interesting market, and it's smart for Bethesda to have a presence there. In addition to the ongoing strangeness of the country's rating and classification system, there is a significant pricing difference between Australia and other regions.

A recent government report found that there was no legitimate need for the differential, which seems to be based on currency conversions that are years removed from being valid. The pricing gap is so significant that it is informally referred to as the "Australia tax."

Proposed changes include reforms to the country's Competition and Consumer Act and the Copyright Act. My hope is that the unfair price differences will be narrowed and that Bethesda's presence in the country will play a positive role in that.