Wii U Update 4.0 Puts Wii Games On Your Gamepad

by Mike Futter on Oct 01, 2013 at 03:31 AM

If you've got an hour to kill (perhaps once Grand Theft Auto Online is up and running well), you might want to update your Wii U. The new version of the console's operating system adds some new features, including the ability to output Wii titles to your Wii U gamepad.

Before you get started, Nintendo is warning that if you've modified your system by installing custom firmware or hardware, the update could render your Wii U unplayable. In addition to giving you a way to play Wii titles off-TV, you'll also now be able to use USB keyboards, automatically download demos and output Wii titles using Dolby Pro Logic II.

For the full patch notes, visit Nintendo's support site.

[Source: Nintendo]

Our Take

When the Wii U's off-TV play works, it's great. While watching football this weekend, I played Scribblenauts Unlimited. Unfortunately, walking through the door into the next room caused the gamepad to disconnect.

I don't understand the value of playing a Wii game off-screen with the console's traditional controls. For a title like Smash Bros., it can work just fine, but anything with waggle will require more precise positioning that makes off-TV play impractical.