Eidos President Leaving Company To Pursue Other Projects

by Kimberley Wallace on Sep 30, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Today, Square Enix announced Ian Livingstone, president of Eidos, is stepping away from the company.

The news surfaced on the Square Enix blog. Square Enix reminisced about Livingstone's time with Eidos, where he helped launch Tomb Raider, Hitman, Thief, Deus Ex, and Legacy of Kain.

Livingstone wants to focus on The Livingstone Foundation to open free schools and academies that encourage creativity and use games as learning tools. He also plans to continue his Next Gen Skills campaign, which he has already seen success with having computing being introduced into the national UK curriculum in 2014. 

Livingstone also plans to continue being an advisor and entrepreneur in social and mobile games. 

Square Enix wished him well on his new journey, but didn't rule out working with him in the future. The blog states, "We’re not saying a full goodbye as we’re hopeful we will get to work with Ian on some future projects."

You can wish Livingstone well on his Twitter account


Our Take
While change is unavoidable, it's nice to see someone leave a company on their own terms and be held in such high regard. Livingstone made a mark on the industry, and his activism to bring games and computer science into the UK curriculum is admirable. Seeing what he does next will be interesting, as he's been a positive influence in the industry.