Report: Rayman Legends May Come To 3DS

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 29, 2013 at 05:48 AM

Ubisoft's executive director Alain Corre didn't have any official announcements to make, but he said not to "rule out" a 3DS version of Rayman Legends.

Speaking with CVG, Corre said that a port of Rayman Legends for 3DS isn't out of the question. "When you look at Rayman Legends you see it's a very big game with a lot of levels," Corre said, "So, it takes time to squeeze everything and downsize it onto other formats. But we're not ruling anything out for that format. We can't say anything more for the moment, but we can't rule the format out."

You can head to CVG to see the full interview where Corre talks about Ubisoft's relationship with the Wii U, and confirms that Prince of Persia is an important brand to the publisher, but there is nothing to announce at the moment.

[Source: CVG]


Our Take
Rayman Origins 3DS had a delayed release compared to the console versions of the game, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Legends take a similar route. The game was delayed in order to be a multiplatform release, which understandably irked a lot of Wii U owners. Ubisoft clearly wants to see Rayman Legends on as many platforms as possible, so a 3DS release seems pretty likely. As a fan of the game, I would like to see more people have the opportunity to play, so I hope it gets a release on Nintendo's handheld.