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Weekend Warrior 09/27/13

by Ben Reeves on Sep 27, 2013 at 02:00 PM

Even though some of us have been playing it for weeks, some of us are still lost in Los Santos. A few other are grinding through some older classics and other recent releases like Rayman Legends.

Katie Seville: I’m going to try and finish Bioshock 1 this weekend, and hopefully make a final decision on whether to get Pokemon X or Y.

Tim Turi: Everything has been shelved for Grand Theft Auto V. I’m enjoying the hell out of the game so far, along with the rest of the gaming world. On top of that I may dig into some of the Famicom games I picked up in Japan or try out some Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

Mike Trinh: Like most people, I’ll be making my way through GTA V. Excited for the reunion between Trevor and Michael. I’ll also be playing a little bit of the flash game Cookie Clicker.

Isaac Perry: Where will I be stocked? I’m out of town this weekend, but I might boot up my laptop long enough to play a few hours of Knights of Pen and Paper and Rayman Legends. Also, looking into Shadow Warrior. Could be my kind of ridiculous.

Matt Kato: I'll be playing Grand Theft Auto V – probably not a ton of side missions, but you never know what kind of stuff that game will pull you into. I'm also going to be playing a heavy does of FIFA 14. I've started both the Seasons Mode and the career (Notts Forest), so there will be plenty to keep me busy.

Jeff Marchiafava: Like everyone else, I’ll be playing more GTA V. It’s gotten to the point where the game has now invaded my real life; I instantly think of the game whenever I get stuck behind a motorist who doesn’t know what they’re doing (if you’re lost just pull over and look at a frickin’ map already!), and I’ve started going into hysterical rages whenever I think someone is alluding to my nonexistent Canadian accent.

Andrew Reiner: If the stars align, I'm powering my way through as much of Grand Theft Auto V as I can. The hope is to finish its single player campaign before Grand Theft Auto Online hits. If I somehow manage to do this with any time to spare this weekend, I also might be able to finish Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Shadowrun Returns. I'm nearing the end in both of these titles.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I'm probably going to most likely play some more Grand Theft Auto V. I'm sorry for boring you guys. I hope to play more Rayman Legends as well, it is a breath of fresh air after too much of Rockstar's world.

Kyle Hilliard: My game time will very likely be absorbed by Grand Theft Auto V, but if not that, I’ll be working on a review game. Otherwise, I’ll watch the new episode of Parks and Rec and try to get some sleep. GTA V has kept me up late all week.