Infinity Blade III Update Irons Out Issues

by Joe Juba on Sep 26, 2013 at 12:46 PM

Some users have been experiencing problems with Infinity Blade III on the technical front, but developer Chair Entertainment has released an update to clear things up…assuming you've already upgraded to iOS 7.

You can still play the game in its current form (read our review here) if you've elected not to update to iOS 7, but you won't be able to get the benefits of this latest update yet. However, Chair says that iOS 6 users could seen the fixes soon, "once Apple allows us to resume support for both iOS6 and iOS7." 

Here's the full list, from the official website

  • Fixes crashing experienced by some players on iPhone 5S.
  • Server optimizations for cloud saves, purchase of in-game currency (IAP), and decreased initial load times for the game.
  • Fixes several spots where players could potentially get stuck.
  • Adds “Enable Cloud Saves” option. Please note: This effectively turns all cloud saving off by default. Players who do not update will no longer be able to use cloud save.
  • Availability of the Imagine Dragon axe for players with devices low on memory.
  • Fixes funky looking textures on the Worker of Secrets


Our Take
Fixing technical problems is a good thing, but it's ridiculous that Apple is the bottleneck when it comes to ensuring that iOS 6 users can enjoy the most stable game possible. Why not allow developers to support as many of their users as possible?