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You Are Not Alone In This Trippy Oculus Rift Horror Game

by Mike Futter on Sep 24, 2013 at 03:58 AM

Welcome to the evolution of horror games. The Oculus Rift has the potential to create new levels of immersion, and this new experience called "Alone" plays with that concept while playing on every horror game fan's fear: What if the on-screen experience starts bleeding into reality?

Alone puts players inside a living room, in front of a large flat screen television. The gamepad controls only move the on-screen character, but using the Rift, players can look around the room. If you've ever played a frightening game at night, you know that the mind can play terrible tricks.

But what if the noises and shadows you see aren't in your mind? What if they are really in your house?

You can see exactly what that would be like thanks to the VR Brotherhood's Tyler Hodder. If you've got a Rift and want to try Greenwood Games' Alone, you can download it here. (Warning: some of the language in this video is not safe for work.)


Our Take
Immersion comes in a variety of forms, and Greenwood Games brilliantly uses a common, mundane environment to induce scares. This is an extremely interesting approach to VR, and I hope other creators try to play around with multiple layers just like this.