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First 4 Figures Wags Tanooki Mario's Tail

by Ben Reeves on Sep 24, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Since Nintendo resurrected Tanooki Mario in Super Mario Bros. 3D Land, it hasn't been able to keep the plumber from flying all over the place. Most recently, Nintendo's mascot has landed safely on the design desk of statue manufacturer First 4 Figures.

First 4 Figures' Tanooki Mario looks like he's about to leave a steaming toadstool on your lawn, but he's so adorable you'll still want to bring him inside and give him a home on your gaming shelf.

This fifteen inch statue is made from high-quality polystone resin, complete with hand-finished detailing and paint work. The exclusive version features an additional red scarf and Tanooki Leaf question box. Tanooki Mario should ship sometime early next year and will set you back $239.99, but First 4 Figures is only printing 750 statues worldwide, so you might want to pre-order your copy now. Check out a close-up shot below.