Making The Mark Of Kri Targets PSN Next Tuesday

by Ben Reeves on Sep 20, 2013 at 02:42 PM

The beloved PS2 classic is aiming to rerelease on this generation of consoles. If you want to relive The Mark Of Kri – or play it for the first time – the game will be available for download on PSN starting on Tuesday the 24.

This might not be too surprising if you've played the game, but Mark of Kri's development was inspired by Conan the Barbarian and was even originally called Barbarian. The PlayStation Blog recently had executive producer Jonathan Beard write up his reflections on the game's development, and you can find all kinds of other nifty facts about the game there.

Mark of Kri was on Kyle's Top 10 Forgotten Favorites, check out the rest of the list here. You can also watch the video interview below with the lead animator for Infamous: Second Son that talks about his history working on Mark of Kri for an inside look at the game's development.

Our Take
This isn't big news, but it is exciting. I actually have very fond memories of playing Mark of Kri on the PS2 when it originally came out. I had actually not heard of the game before it released, but it got several favorable reviews, so I gave it a chance, and found the stealthy, combat game to be a refreshing diversion. If you're still not familiar with the game, I recommend that you download it next week and check it out for yourself. Surprises are fun!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]