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Batman: Arkham Origins Achievements Confirm New Game+

by Ben Reeves on Sep 20, 2013 at 03:53 PM

If you're the kind of person who likes to get hyped up for a game by looking at it's list of achievements and trophies then this article is for you.

The achievements list "Enigma items," "Riddler trophies," and a number of "Dark Knight tracks" that hint at different aspects of Batman's personality (Vigilante, Detective, Protector, etc.). For those that dislike multiplayer achievements/trophies, we have some bad news. You won't be getting them all unless you delve into the online mode. You can see the full list at Exophase.

If you still want more details on Batman Arkham Origins check out our cover hub for the game, or you could feast your eyes on this detailed Mr. Freeze cosplay.

[Source: Exophase via Polygon]

Our Take
Are you still reading this? Personally, I'm not a huge achievement hunter, but it's kind of fun to read through a list of achievements before a game releases. I'm already kind of interested in checking out the game's multiplayer after reading through some of those achievements...actually it's probably just because those were the last achievements I read.