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The Crazy Sights Of TGS 2013: Day One

by Tim Turi on Sep 19, 2013 at 03:17 AM

Big video games conventions are all about spectacle. The Tokyo Game Show isn't jam packed with big booths and thumping music like E3, but it has its share of zaniness. I took a stroll through multiple show floor halls at the Makuhari Messe convention center today and thought I'd share my journey. The first day of my adventure includes a look at the neon-painted lay of the land, the beautiful statues adorning Sony and Microsoft's booths, and more.

Welcome to Kaihimmakuhari, Tokyo, Japan. This quiet, business-oriented district is the home of the Tokyo Game Show. 

The line into the Makuhari Messe wasn't as long when I showed up, because I had an appointment prior where I had the distinct honor of interviewing...

...Goichi "Suda51" Suda of No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw fame. Suda and I discussed his thoughts on next-gen multiplayer and more that you'll see in the future.

This man yelled through a megaphone about as politely as is humanly possible.

Bethesda advertisements greet visitors. Wolfenstein and Psycho Break, the Japanese title for Shinji Mijami's The Evil Within.

The Makuhari Messe has a gorgeous entrance, decorated with even more ads for Mikami's upcoming horror title.

The first view of the show floor when walking in. Note the giant inflatable chocobo and slime floating above.

Lots of games I've never heard of, are scattered around the show floor...

...but they're usually pink, packed with cute characters, and never make it stateside. It's fun to watch, though. 

You're a jerk if you park like this.

Not much of a line to play Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4. This is a common sight, considering FPSs aren't nearly as popular in Japan as the rest of the world.

Another view of the show. Namco Bandai's logo hovers in the distance.

Those stairs go down several flights. This guy is a real dare devil. Just watching him balance by the balcony edge and Psycho-esque staircase crept me out.

The risky photographer stressed me out; I needed some katsu from CoCo Curry. It's some of the best stuff on earth. It was spicy as hell but I loved it. You need to try katsu curry if you haven't already.

I good chunk of attendees were interested in checking out Rockstar's wildly successful GTA V. I could only stand and whimper, knowing I won't be playing it until next week. At least I can drown my sorrows in ramen.

This guy knows what's up.

This behemoth is much nice than you looks. You wouldn't guess it, but he knows a really cool trick for how to peel an orange.

No trip to Japan is complete without seeing the decapitated head of a giant robot. 

And that middle banner is how I learned a new Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy game is on the way in Japan. Very exciting for fans of Final Fantasy music that love tapping their stylus. Stay tuned for more as Kim has a preview coming.

A better view of Square Enix's adorable mascots.

I can't get over how much cooler a name Psycho Break is over The Evil Within.

Sony's booth takes up a great deal of space. The signs boast their myriad platforms: PS3, PS4, Vita, and Vita TV

The new Sony character, Knack, holds down the fort.

Microsoft's booth isn't nearly as busy as Sony's but that's easy to understand considering the Xbox never really caught on in Japan.

One of Respawn Entertainment's walking tanks from Titanfall keeps these ladies company.

The line for Titanfall was longer than Battlefield 4, but not by much. That could also be because the Titanfall mode being shown supports fewer players than Battlefield 4. 

Check back in two days to see the empty hall above transformed into a sanctuary for Japan's dedicated cosplayers.