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Original Wii Sports Games Return In HD

by Matthew Kato on Sep 18, 2013 at 04:32 AM

Nintendo's decision to include Wii Sports for free with the Wii really helped consumers understand its then-new motion controls and propel the console to unbelievable heights. Now the five sports from that game are back in HD and with other new features in tow.

The game's bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing, and golf sports will be available individually for $9.99 each in the Nintendo eShop. Tennis and bowling will be available on November 7, with the other sports to follow at an undisclosed time. If you don't want to purchase these outright, you can also buy a $1.99 day pass that lets you play all the sports for a 24-hour period.

The sports have been given an HD makeover, feature Wii MotionPlus compatibility, and now include online versus play. The game uses the latter feature to inaugurate the Wii Sports Club, where you sign up to state or regional clubs. This allows you to chat with others in the Miiverse, compete with those in your own club, and also take on members of other clubs in order to increase your club's overall ranking. When you download Wii Sports Club you'll get a free 24-hour trial pass to any of the sports.


Our Take:
I think a lot of people will enjoy spending time with these Wii classics, but when you consider that they were originally free, having to pay $9.99 per sport seems exorbitant.