Oculus Rift's IndieCade VR Jam Announces Finalists

by Ben Reeves on Sep 13, 2013 at 03:44 PM

If you're worried that the Oculus Rift VR unit won't have enough games when it launches, the company, along with IndieCade, is currently holding a game jam to help foster development for the technology.

Over 220 teams have submitted VR game ideas to the Oculus Rift's IndieCade VR Jam, but the company just announced the finalist today. You can read more about each game and download some demos here, if you have a Rift. The winner will be awarded a $10,000 cash prize during the IndieCade Festival taking place October 3-6.

Top 20 Finalists:

  •     Alone - Bryan Cohen
  •     Chick Walk - Kevin Tsang
  •     Ciess - Edward McNeill
  •     Don't Let Go - Yorick van Vliet
  •     Dragon - Morgan Jaffit
  •     Dreadhalls - Sergio Hidalgo
  •     Dumpy - Brian Schrank
  •     Elevator Music - Julian Kantor
  •     Epic Dragon - Aurelien Kerbeci
  •     Komorebi - Fernando Ramallo
  •     Lost Route - Sergey Brezhnev
  •     Nostrum - Robert Yang
  •     Private Eye - Jake Slack
  •     Roleplayer - Joerg Pressel
  •     Shiny - Janina Woods
  •     Sight Line - Tomas Mariancik
  •     Specter Seekers - Ryan Anderson
  •     Stargazer - David Kalina
  •     TimeRifters - Doug Wolanick
  •     Virtual Internet Hacker - Lau Korsgaard

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[Source: Oculus via Polygon]