GTA V's Social-Networking Site 'Lifeinvader' Now Live

by Jeff Cork on Sep 12, 2013 at 05:19 AM

As part of its usual Grand Theft Auto world-building, Rockstar has populated Los Santos with a variety of products, people, and services, many of which have their own online presence. To add another layer to the onion, a site called Lifeinvader compiles it all into a dead-on parody of contemporary social networking. Visiting the official Lifeinvader site sends you to another random profile on the site, including that of country-music radio DJ host Duane Earl, where the above picture originated.

Grand Theft Auto is launching on Sept. 17, which means that spoilers are getting increasingly difficult to avoid online. In the fake online world of Lifeinvader, however, things are much safer. If you're looking for something to do while you wait for GTA to come out, spend some time catching up on the world.

[Source: Rockstar Games]


Our Take
Nowadays, I usually have a tablet within reach whenever I play games. I'm expecting to punch in more than a few of these URLs during my time with GTA to see where they lead. Lifeinvader uses a Rockstar Games Social Club login, and it would be cool if these advertised discounts did indeed work after connecting my accounts. Who could pass up 10-percent savings off a first purchase for "stalking" Warstock Cache & Carry?