Battlefield 4 PC Requirements Revealed

by Kimberley Wallace on Sep 10, 2013 at 08:30 AM

Just taking one look of the graphical prowess of the Battlefield 4 footage left PC fans wondering what it would take to run it in all its glory. Dice finally answered the pervasive question, confirming the requirements in an easy-to-read post, as seen below.

The minimum requirements are pretty lenient, but the recommended requirements are beefy.  While 4GB of memory gets you by, the recommendation is double at 8 GB. Graphics memory tells a similar story; it runs on 512 MB, but to get the full experience you need 3 GB. Thankfully, the minimum processor has been out for few years now. That doesn't mean you shouldn't keep your eye on a Haswell i5 to get the most from Battlefield 4, though.

[Source: @battlefield]


Our Take
The specs pretty much conclude that you won't be running this game on your low end laptop, and you'll need a dedicated gaming rig. This shouldn't really come as a surprise. The minimum requirements don't expect that much from your PC, but that doesn't mean it'll look all that pretty running on it.  This is game that has an actual physics engine that covers the destruction of buildings, so I'm not all that surprised about the recommended requirements.