Twitch And Intel Find A Faster Way To Stream PC Games With Quick Sync

by Mike Futter on Sep 09, 2013 at 01:28 PM

Twitch has announced that it is incorporating Intel's Quick Sync technology into the broadcast site's software development kit. The results should be marked in both CPU load and stream quality.

Quick Sync uses a built-in hardware encoder that can post up to 60 percent lower CPU utilization when compared with software solutions. Additionally, Twitch claims that high definition streaming should be improved using Quick Sync.

The incorporation of the technology in Twitch's SDK will be backwards compatible, meaning many PC gamers that use the service should benefit. Intel will be showing Quick Sync at its Developer Forum this week.


Our Take
Video and streaming have grown in importance over the past five years. Every step forward in technology that makes it easier and faster opens the door to more voices and more content. 

Having experimented with PC streaming in the past, I know firsthand how software-based video processing can adversely affect both the stream and the player experience. I'm eager to see Quick Sync in action and understand the impact it has on the Twitch community.