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Reader Discussion: How Important Is The PlayStation 4's Week Of Next-Gen Exclusivity?

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 07, 2013 at 07:26 AM

The PlayStation 4 launches November 15. The Xbox One launches exactly one week later on November 22. Will that seven-day difference have a calculable impact on the next-gen console battle?

No one is denying that coming first is a tremendous help. The Xbox 360’s head start against the PlayStation 3 was a huge factor in that console’s success. Do you think the PlayStation 4’s one week of exclusivity could have the same effect? Or will the launch dates be totally meaningless once the Christmas shopping season heats up? Is anyone going PlayStation 4 over Xbox One simply because of the release dates? I can’t imagine anyone was on the fence between the two, and have now made their purchasing decision based on having an extra week of next-gen gaming with the PlayStation 4, but maybe that is a more important factor than I realize.

It seems like $100 price difference between the two consoles will be the real decider when it comes to the average consumer, but we’re curious to hear what our readers think. How important is Sony’s one week head-start?