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Weekend Warrior 09/06/13

by Ben Reeves on Sep 06, 2013 at 02:00 PM

The summer isn't quite over yet, and neither are our ambitious plans for the weekend. Diablo III, Rayman Legends, and Spin the Bottle are all on the table. What are you doing this weekend?

Ben Hanson: This weekend I'm going to enjoy the final hot days of summer by swimming at my lake cabin-thing. I'm planning on bringing my Wii U for some Spin the Bottle action. Outside of that, I'm sure I'll dive back into the absolutely fantastic Rayman Legends when I return to my new apartment. Have a good weekend!

Kyle Hilliard: I finished Rayman Legends, but there is still more to unlock and music levels to replay because they are awesome. I have also been enjoying Saints Row IV, but have been doing everything I can to ignore the main story and focus on leveling my super powers. I also picked up Diablo III, having ignored it on PC, and my wife and I are going to see if we can sink some time into that. Otherwise, I’ll be hanging out with the family and shooting lots of Vine videos of my daughter doing innocuous, but adorable things.

Jeff Marchiafava: Now that Diablo III is officially out, I’ll be spending all weekend looting dungeons and killing demon lords. Again. I played an obscene amount of the game for our review, but despite that, I still can’t get enough. In fact, I’m probably going to continue playing Diablo III until the minute GTA V comes out – though I may take a few breaks for things like eating, sleeping, and going to work. Maybe.

Jeff Cork: My goal is to spend as much time as possible playing Diablo III. Unfortunately, I have to move an enormous pile of sticks to the dump, which means “as much time as possible” could only be an hour or two. Getting old is dumb.