pax 2013

Seen At PAX 2013

by Mike Futter on Sep 02, 2013 at 06:57 AM

We've been wandering the show floor at PAX 2013 for the past three days. Here are just some of the sights we were treated to.

Meet Lococycle's IRIS. She's one part KITT, one part Johnny-5, and one part awesome.

This titan was struggling to get out of the ground. Guess it hit a little harder than expected when it dropped from orbit. Oh, and it moved.

One of these things doesn't belong. (If you said the Green Tommy, you are correct, since he already became the White Ranger, clearly.)

This giant robotic dog from Wolfenstein: The New Order has a pretty smile.

Harley Quinn waiting in line at the Cards Against Humanity booth. There couldn't be a more perfect pairing.

Batman also wasn't far from the CAH booth. Looks like we're about to have a rumble on our hands.

I've seen XCOM: Enemy Within in action. These new Mechtoids are no joke. Those are dual plasma cannons on its arms.

Speaking of arm cannons... here's some of the best MegaMan cosplay we've seen. Is that you, Frank West?

This Master Chief was bathed in the purple light of Covenant plasma (or the booth). He was VERY tall.

This Master Chief wasn't a towering behemoth, though. It's great to see the kids get in on the action.

This little Baird didn't just look the part, he pulled off the attitude.

Claptrap was at the 2K Booth along with a cosplaying Bandit.

We ran into Joel and Ellie. Thankfully, Joel was in a good mood and let us go on our way...

There is a person in that GLaDOS costume. It was extremely freaky.