Disney, Harmonix Reveal PAX Panel & Swag For Fantasia Game

by Jeff Cork on Aug 26, 2013 at 09:10 AM

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved isn't the easiest game concept to grasp. It's a Kinect game that lets player interact with prerecorded music from a variety of genres and eras. And while it's thematically inspired from the classic animated film, it's nowhere near a scene-for-scene adaptation. Harmonix is going to be at PAX this weekend, shedding light on the game's origins as well as giving away plenty of swag.

The panel, Reimagining Fantasia: An Interactive Adventure in Color Sound and Motion, will be held at the Washington State Convention Center's Pegasus Theatre on Sept. 1 from 11 a.m. to noon Pacific.

Here's how Harmonix describes the panel:

"Get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of “Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved.” Harmonix and Disney Interactive tell the origin story of the title, explain how the team has drawn inspiration from Walt’s original vision for the film, share never-before-seen concepts and discarded prototypes from early on in the development process, and reveal new content for the 2014 game.

"Come to hear about how AAA games come together, both in partnerships and in development, and join us to nerd out about all things Disney!"

In addition to hosting the panel, Disney and Harmonix are giving away Sorcerer's Apprentice-themed baseball caps and limited-edition pins (shown below), and more surprises. As with everything else at PAX, supplies are going to be limited. If you want these items, Stop by the booth at the convention center's North Hall in the morning to see the day's giveaway schedule. They'll be passing along the goodies from August 30 through Sept. 2. Good luck.

Visit here for our hands-on impressions of the game.



Our Take
Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is definitely an interesting idea, and Disney and Harmonix are doing their best to explain what exactly this game is about. A lot of people are going to dismiss the game outright just based on the fact that it's designed for Kinect. Fortunately for the companies involved, they still have until 2014 to win people over. Giving away free hats doesn't hurt, either.