Make A Video And Win An Xbox One And Its Launch Games

by Matt Helgeson on Aug 22, 2013 at 02:41 PM

Microsoft's Upload Outreach contest is meant to encourage fan-made content. If your video wins, you could win an Xbox One.

The contest is pretty simple: make a one-minute video about an Xbox 360 or Xbox One game, upload it to the Internet, and send the link to this email address: The deadline for the contest is September 15.

If your video is selected, you'll win an Xbox One, all the launch games, and a year of Xbox Live Gold. Not a bad haul for one minute.

Our Take
If you read Game Informer or, you know that I'm not clever or ambitious, so that excludes me from this contest. However, it's a worth a shot for our more creative-minded readers. The contest is intended to whet your appetite for the Xbox One's Upload Studio, which allows you to edit and upload gameplay footage. This generation of consoles should be interesting, and user-created content and sharing and broadcasting of gameplay footage is going to be a major push for both console manufacturers.