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Square Enix Shuts Down Sale Of 3D Printed Final Fantasy VII Figures

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 17, 2013 at 12:32 PM

3D printing website Shapeways found success with a full set of Final Fantasy VII characters care of modeler Joaquin Baldwin, until Square Enix decided to legal action and prevent further figure sales.

Baldwin's figures became popular on Reddit, which caused a surge in sales of the 3D printed figures. Sqaure Enix took notice and sent Shapeways a takedown notice. Baldwin and Shapeways complied. The figures had been on sale for a little more than a month. Speaking with CNET, Baldwin said "Standard procedure. Just like a video in YouTube using copyrighted music can be pulled down," in regard to the request from Square Enix to remove the figures from the store.

Baldwin still has a few video games item in his shop, like this cool Dog from Half-Life 2 figure holding a companion cube.

[Source: CNET via The Verge]


Our Take
These figures are very cool. It's unfortunate that they are no longer available, but I certainly understand Square Enix's actions. Since these figures are no longer for sale through Shapeways or Baldwin, it's up to Square Enix to mass produce them now. If nothing else, Baldwin has proven that people like to see the characters from Final Fantasy VII as they truly were, as opposed to how they looked in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which is the model typically used for Final Fantasy VII licensed collectibles.